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Chocolate Pretzel Bouquets

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 Double Dipped Belgian Chocolate Pretzel Rods Dipped in your choice of:

71.2% Belgian Dark Chocolate
54.6% Belgian Semi- Sweet Chocolate
33.4% Belgian Milk Chocolate
22.5% Belgian White Chocolate
Our Pretzel Rods are bedazzled and decorated, or made Gourmet
topped with candies of your choice:

*Specify Candies Or Decoration colors in CheckOut Special Instructions*

(M&M's, Toffee, Sprinkles, Non Pariels Chocolate Sunflower Seeds)

6 Plain Chocolate Decorated Pretzel Bouquet: $11.00

6 Gourmet Chocolate Pretzel Bouquet: $15.00

12 Plain Chocolate Pretzel Bouquet: $ 22.00

12 Gourmet Chocolate Pretzel Bouquet: $ 28.00