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Chocolate Party Platters

Regular price $40.00

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All Chocolate Party Platters are Hand Crafted with the highest quality ingredients.

Wow your Party Goers with LUXURIOUS Belgian Couverture Chocolate

Party Platter pricing begins at $40.00 pricing varies with amount, decoration level, items chosen, platter type and amounts.

We have predetermined Chocolate Party Platters to choose between to help make your party planning just a little easier!

All Platters listed serve approximately 12-20 people.

  • Molded Belgian Chocolates 50 Pieces 
  • Decorated Chocolate Dipped Pretzels 24 Pieces
  • Hand Dipped Truffles 40 Pieces
  • Assorted Belgian Chocolate Barks (2 pounds)
  • Bedazzled Chocolate Dipped Strawberries 40 Count
  • Assorted Hand Painted Chocolate Bon Bons 40 Piece

 Choose your theme, colors, and items and we work with you to create platters to fit all your needs. For Custom Specialty Ordering or help creating a Customized Platter 

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